Houseplants artificial indoor plants that are unhealthy for animals

Toxic artificial indoor plants for Cats and Dogs

Many people are often proud pet parents, and they like artificial indoor plants too. Most often, these two are not a great combo in some situations. Some plants prove to be evil to the cat and animals . These poisonous plants are similarly harmful to your four-leg friend.

It’s sad but also a universal truth. But not all plants prove dangerous to your dog and cats. Only some popular genera are as toxic as houseplants and to care indoor plants by using diy moss pole and also plants for cold rooms. The good news is with some research; you may find which plant is greater for your cat and dogs.

Plants that prove to be pet friends


Philodendrons are, however, famous for their large leaves. They look gorgeous as an indoor plant. Pets like cats and dogs often like them because of their large leaves.

Calatheas plant

Calatheas family is also called prayer plant. They are a popular indoor plant truly because of their easy plant care routine. Indeed, these are also on the list of favorite pet plants. So, you may keep this to add to the beauty of your house also.

Pilea Pepromiodies

This Pilea plant has a complete look like a little pancake. You’re this tiny plant is very easy to propagate. Pilea and his family species always remain pet favorites.

Watermelon Pepromia

This little tiny artificial indoor plant is requisite for its tiny leaves. And as Monstera don’t require a lot of water and keep happy in indoor space. This Pepromia can also be very happy in little water and doesn’t require direct sunlight to grow.


On the whole, you want to refresh your house and want to make your pet happy. Hurray! The orchid plant is all about your desire. It just does not smell your house well. But also make your pet happy. And the best part of the Orchid plant is it does not require a lot of water. You can only water him once a week in winter and twice on hot sunny days.


Suppose you want to cover your indoor space with some artificial36 indoor plant or with some bright plant. You are in the right place to search for the plant. You can put them in any place at home or in an office where ever you like.

Tip: They need plenty of air but do not require direct sunlight, so try to place them in some areas away from direct sun, like the kitchen, bedroom or living room with diy moss pole.


Pothos is also known as a cubical plant. Its looks like a philodendron plant. This plant goes above 10 feet high, and its vines require a moss pole to go vertically. Otherwise, as a result, they start growing, moving his stems on the floor.

Top benefits of house plants

Lush flowers always add beauty to your home and office. Bedroom, living area, bathroom these are not the so accurate place to put your indoor plants. But these are preferred to be placed in this place to avoid direct sunlight and extra air. Here are some reasons to put indoor plants at home with diy moss pole.

• Can improve your mood

• Poorer stress and anxiety

• Change your mood

• Make your environment clean and fresh

• Improve focus on workspace

• Boost your energy level

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