How do you maintain your house plant with moss pole

Looking For Larger Leaves? Try Moss pole


What is a moss pole?

Monstera moss pole and Some plants need micro nutrients to affix naturally. Climbing plants need some help to grow vertically. Individually they are mostly found on rocks or in rain forests. In these areas, they benefit from gravel or other plants and trees and produce their ariel roots with them. But when you grow these climbing plants at home, you need some support for your plant. Moss pole provides the necessary support to your plant with monstera moss pole. And the extendable nature of the moss pole gives the plant an extra opportunity to grow higher.

Coco Coir makes moss pole. Coconut fibre and husks make it. A PVC pipe is under the fibre and keeps the plant vertical. Their common usage is in nurseries, farms, indoor house plants, and offices.

Want to know which plants need moss poles to grow?

When you are growing your indoor home garden or the nursery. The first thing you need to see is the types of plants. And later, you can separate the essentials of these plants. Climbing plants like Monstera, Philodendron, and Pothos. There are also more climbing plants like akebia or chocolate vine. But, every time, it’s not necessary for every plant to grow with the help of a moss pole.

Moss pole provides plants with help to grow and complete their nutrients. These indoor plants do not require a lot of sunlight or direct sunlight. Try to place your plants under some shady areas. Or at someplace where the plant does not access direct sunlight. Like the lobby, balcony, kitchen window corner, or any place where you lie to keep the plant to enhance the beauty of your house and office.

Growing habits of monstera?

When it comes to someone who wants to grow some living life on their own, few plants need your extra attention and care. Monstera is also like that demanding live life. They always need your proper attention to enhance your house’s beauty. This exotic tropical is not so difficult to grow but also feels oddly satisfying.

Monstera moss pole always thanks its ariel roots to grow in heights. But these ariel roots need some support to show their real beauty. Given the right condition and support, Monstera Deliciosa can grow up to 10 to 15 feet tall. When your plants start growing later after a few weeks, you can not only feel the change in his height but also feel the beauty of its leaves. Dramatically there are holes in the leaves, and with time to time, the plants grow more and add beauty to their beautiful leaves.

You need a moss pole to provide the right support to your plant. Giving the right thing to your loved one shows your attachment. So, you need to buy a good pole for your plant to provide it with a pure feeling.

Where to buy the right moss pole for your plant?

Oppeet garden provides you with a perfect Coco Coir moss pole for your plant. Moss pole fulfills the requirement according to your plant’s needs. Pole by coconut husk provides the exact nutrient your plant demands to grow. You can shop the moss pole from our website or on

Oppeet garden not only provides you with a single moss pole. We are giving you two moss poles at just half price, including all the essentials for you to trim and train your plant wit monstera moss pole

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