Moss pole for plants and their plant care ideas

Flourish your plant with a moss pole

For home plants, plant care like monstera moss pole is significant. It helps the plant and cheers him to grow horizontally. House plants like climbing plant Monster and hanging plants like Pothos require a moss pole. These are usually produced in the rain forest and need some other plants and trees to grow higher in the same way moss pole is helping them to grow. And also provide the required nutrients to the plant.

Additionally, it looks like a mini tree bark for plants. The ariel roots of the plant and large leaves necessitate backing to grow. Moss pole is made from coconut fibre to provide plants with the same nutrient to produce. And help the plant in a more effective way to breed large leaves.

How to water a moss pole

For humidity, loving plant water is the requirement. To keep the moss pole moist is essential. Frequently waters the plant and keep moss pole moist; the ariel roots of the plant absorb the extra water and help in the time of humidity to stay fresh.

How to keep the moss pole moist

To keep the moss pole moist is compulsory in plant care. The regular water supply is mandatory from time to time or at the heat, humidity, and hot days. The benefit of keeping the moss pole moist is to show your care regarding your plants. And at the time of requirement, the bar automatically supplies the water to the plant.

1. Slow dripping

Arrange a plastic bottle according to the requirement that is always available at home. Make 1 or 2 fine holes in the bottle on the top. Also, tape and wire are required. Place the bottle on the top of the moss pole and tie it with some tape and wire. This slow process of dripping is the beneficial and easiest way to keep the pile moist.

2. Place the pole in a cold area

Sunlight is necessary for every plant to grow, but direct sunlight can dry the surface of every kind of plant. If you have a plant with a moss pole, place it far away from direct sunlight to keep it moist.

Place the plant in some cool areas like near to fan and air conditioners. It helps the moss pole not to dry early but also make it moist all the time.

A central place where the mixture of sunlight and air is available is the best place to keep the plant.

3. Make a pebble tray

Making a pebble tray at home is so easy. Find a tray relevant to the size of the plant and fill it with pebbles and rocks. Add water to the tray and place the pot on top of it. Regularly check the water in the tray. This tray not only benefits the plant to keep moist but also add beauty to the plant.

4. Provide moist environment

Places like laundry, bathroom and kitchen are more moist than relatable to the other areas of the house. If you keep your plant in a humid environment, there are several higher chances to grow the plant properly.

5. Use wet soil

Soil can remain thoroughly wet for 2 to 4 hours. But also stay moist for up to 24 hours. The benefit of watering the plant regularly at almost once a day is, the roots of the plant collect the tiny amount of water from the soil and use it for its biological purpose.

In the same way, the plant retains the water properly and grow healthier and faster.

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