Plants care and their propagation

Maranta prayer plant propagation

Maranta prayer plant is very well known for its attractive decorative leaves. Most people are well aware of how to breed prayer-plants. Learn more about the maranta prayer plant with us.

How to Grow a Prayer plant

Maranta requires more attention to thrive. They do not entail a lot of sunlight.
They need some constant warmth and sunlight, but not a direct one. Your prayer plant-soil requires you to be moist all the time. You can keep it moist by adding pebbles to the tray and keeping them wet all the time. Avoid direct sunlight to keep the leaves safe from scorch. Keep your plant at almost 15-degree temperature.

Prayer plant care and prorogation

Also, your prayer plant requires high humidity to bloom. The houseplant prayer plant needs to be soggy but not fully wet. You can feed your prayer plant after every two weeks. Check the soil and fertilizers in the plant after a fortnight. Use warm water for the plant to fetch your plant in life.

How long does a prayer plant require to grow?

Similarly, there are just two weeks required for your plant to grow in soil. But frequently they take one month sometimes. So don’t discourage and care for your plant properly.

Different ways to propagate prayer plant

There are several ways to grow a prayer plant, but some are below. Select which one you want to try, and tell us which one you like.

All you need to reproduce your maranta is:

  1. • Plant
  2. • Scissor
  3. • Jar
  4. • Water

Firstly, you can locate the nodes of your plant, and you have to cut the stem from the node. Only one maranta node is enough to propagate your plant. Place the plant in the jar and fill water in it. Lastly, you have to change the water of the jar every day and wait until the roots become an inch long.

Propagate in soil

• The plant, after two weeks which you breed in water

  1. • A  small pot
  2. • Fertilizers

Grab a normal size pot for potting soil. Add a layer on the bottom fill with soil. Place the plant in it. And carefully fill the pot with soil. Make sure to place the plant at room temperature and do not place your plant in direct sunlight. Water your plant and try to keep the soil moist but not enough over water it.
Wait until your plant grows new beautiful leaves.

Propagation with seed

Planting your plant with seed is not that easy as compared to other methods. But you are lucky enough if your plant grows within some days. Watching something grow is such an enough pleasing feeling.

You can place some seeds in the pot and be careful this time as compared to others you need to look after your plant as a full-time job. Wait until there grow some stems and come out of the soil. You feel cherishing when your plant grows a beautiful flower.

Try these methods, share which one you like, and share some pictures with us well in the comment section. Happy planting!

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