Purify indoor environment with House plants

Climbers persistently add an extra dimension to the orchard. Office plants are often also ascending plants and to care plant wit moss pole. So whenever someone looks up your space, it truly looks appealing from all directions.

Some climbers have aerial roots like Monster plant or Pathos. Some plants always require support to grow. And these are the plants that need some support to grow upwards instead of moving vertically. They always need some support, especially when they are not in a thick forest.

Which plants need moss poles to grow higher?

Monstera, Philodendron and Pathos are typically rain forest plants. As they are mostly grown in the rain forest, they only need sunlight to grow. They grow with the sustenance of other plants and go upwards and assemble the required sunlight.

Likewise, other climbing plants these plants also have a desire to grow upwards. But if they don’t find any proper funding, they start moving vertically. So, moss pole is the problem to this solution when you are growing indoor office plants. Moss pole helps his aerial roots to go higher instead of growing on the floor. Its aerial roots are so heavy, so the plant always requires some back at last for him.

Guideline to find climbing plants

The chief slant to find a climbing plant is their aerial roots. Whenever you examine some plants that have heavy aerial roots, they are climbing plants. Their structure looks like trees with hard rocks. They support the plant to grow higher. Similarly, when you attach a moss pole to a plant, these aerial roots start growing on the pole and grow aloft.

Paybacks of moss pole

Moss pole works as same as the moss of trees does for the plant. The aerial roots of the plant tie to the moss pole, and the plant starts to grow higher. Also, it helps the leaves to grow stronger and larger, which might look beautiful as a result.

How to keep moss pole hydrated

Tip: do not over water your plant; its leaves start burn-in result. Your only responsibility is to keep your plant hydrated.

You can arrange some dripping water system above the plant in office plants, or in indoor. Or moist your pole frequently after 12 hours or early if required. Most of the plant leaves keep some extra water in them. So, mostly they don’t need water within 3 to 4 hours.

Eco–friendly environment

Taking house plants indoors and office plants help the atmosphere to be fresh. The philodendron plant purifies the air. Monster plant proves to be the best for the air filter. They can be helpful in humidity environments like bathrooms.

Attach Pathos to a Moss pole

Attach the pole to the plant at least 3 to 4 inches away from the stem. Be careful pole do not touch the stem. Protect the significant roots. Gently start wrapping the vines around the pole and tie them with some string to be them in their place.

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